The mission of St. Paul Lutheran Church is to proclaim the abundant riches of Jesus Christ, Savior and Lord, that we may know Him and bring others to know Him as we share our blessings from God with others locally and globally.

            Our congregation is a fellowship of forgiven people who accept and seek to fulfill the mission mandate of Jesusí Great Commission.

            A portion of our offerings go to support the work of Mission in many North American ministries and in Mission Fields around the world where Christís work is being done by the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

            Special gifts and offerings for Lutheran Hour Ministries   help the International Lutheran Laymenís League bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to many who have not heard it before.

            Through their ďMite BoxĒ offerings, members of the LWML now help to support LWML Mission Projects in excess of one million dollars for a biennium.

            Special personal mission support from our congregation also includes a Lutheran Bible Translator support worker, a missionary couple in Guatemala, and Bethany Care Home.

            As baptized members of Christís Body, the Church, we witness to one another; to our friends and relatives; and to others we meet knowing and believing in what Christ has done for us.