St. Paul Epistle
  Parish Newsletter – St. Paul Lutheran Church
 August 2002  - Pastor Don Becker

News and Notes on St. Paul Members & Friends

New Members Recently Recognized and Received Sunday – July 21 --

 ++   Mrs. Marilyn Nielsen – by Reaffirmation of Faith
 ++   Mrs. Shelly Reiber and Amanda – by Reaffirmation of Faith
 ++   Mrs. Theresa Vaughn, Kayla and Tyler – transfer from Trinity Lutheran, Araphoe

 ++   Mrs. Jan  (Lori) Carter – by Adult Confirmation
++   Mrs. Rex (April) Wempen, Jacob – transfer from Trinity Lutheran, Amherst
 ++   Ms.  Regina (Gina) Luth – transfer from Trinity Lutheran, Hildreth
 ++   Mr. Tony Ellis – by Adult Confirmation

  Recent Hospitalizations – Recoveries - Treatments

 ++   Joy Terrel (released from Mary Lanning Hospital,  returned home)
 ++   Mary Lammers (off-on  treatments for cancer at Good Sam. in Kearney)
 ++   Ken Danielson (husband of Bernice, home from Good Sam. in Kearn

Recent Funerals    Our Heartfelt condolences go out to -- -- 

    ++  Janice Kuehn and her family  (her mother, Pearl Byrne,  Albion, committal service was in Red Cloud.)

Special Anniversaries for St. Paul couples in August married 30 plus years   - - 

++   Harold & Charlotte Korb – celebrate their 33rd – August 1
++   Maynard and Joanne Baacke – celebrate their 40th – August 12
++   John and Jan Kuehn – celebrate their 37thst – August 14
++   Pastor Don and Sandy Becker – celebrate their 35th – August 19
++   Raymond and Margaret Ackerman  celebrate their 55th – August 24
++   Fred and Naomi – celebrate their 39th  August 24

Special Projects  -  Thank you to -

 ++   Steve Eckhoff – Trustee for keeping church lawns watered while waiting for new sprinkler system
 ++  Rachel Kuehn – High School Junior for maintaining St. Paul Web Site on a weekly basis
 ++  Marlys Sinsel  for taking pictures of new members and families 
 ++  Red Cross Volunteers from St. Paul who helped with recent Red Cross Bloodmobile at St. Paul     

Retirees Breakfast at Pioneer Village with Pastor Don – Tuesday – August 20 – 7:30 am

     ++  The subject will be “fishing and fishers of men” – “fishing for value, fishing for joy, fishing for meaning.”

Changes at Minden Care Homes–

 ++  Eleanor Rudd  formerly of Upland, is a new resident now living at Bethany Care Home.
 ++  Ethel Larsen  formerly at Long Term Care has now been released to return to living at home.

Thank You Notes  from ---

     ++   Mrs. Joy Terrel  -  Thank you to members and friends and everyone  for cards and visits while I was a
 patient at Mary Lanning and then a temporary resident in moderate care on the 5th floor.  It’s good to be home again.  Thanks also to Pastor Don for  his visits.

      ++  Pastor DonThanks to the members of St. Paul for the “birthday greetings and song” at the end of Sunday’s  service on July 14 . . . Thanks also to the Retirees for breakfast, to members for birthday cards, books, and to Verlene for another delicious  “apple pie.”

Parochial School Installation –

    ++    Crystal Burgess ( Larry and Crystal Burgess) was recently installed as the new second grade teacher looking  forward to teaching a class of 18 second graders at Zion Lutheran Church, Matteson, Illinois, in  southwest suburban Chicago.



Overall Theme:  “Can You Believe It??   Contemporary Miracles of Jesus!!”

     There’s hardly ever a time in our lives when we all couldn’t use a miracle or two to help meet our physical needs,  calm our daily fears,  show concern for ailing loved ones,  open one another’s eyes to reassuring absolutes, and grow stronger in living lives that are pleasing to God.
   Such amazing, helpful, encouraging miracles are reported by Matthew as a strong witness to Jesus  demonstrating a ministry of love and compassion on his way to Jerusalem and the cross that waited for him there.   During the Sundays of August,  we will hear and ponder these amazing miracles of Jesus to see and hear how such “incredible, contemporary miracles of Jesus “ still happen today and are
welcomed and appreciated among those who have “eyes to see and ears to hear.”        

     Do you believe in miracles?   Have you seen or experienced any miracles lately?  Miracles of Jesus from the Gospel for Matthew during the Sundays of August are:

        Sunday – August 4 – “Bread Unimaginable – Miracle of Abundance  - Matthew 14:13-21
Sunday – August 11 – “Life Uncontrollable – Miracle of Rescue” – Matthew 14:22-33

        Sunday – August 18 – “Love Unconventional – Miracle of Compassion – Matthew 15:21-28

        Sunday – August 25 – “Truth Unmistakable – Miracle of Revelation” – Matthew 16:13-20

        Sunday – Sept. 1 – “Cross Unavoidable – Miracle of Serving” – Matthew 16:21-28